​ My name is onyenwe Chinonso but known as ranybliss oy because of what I did in those days when am in secondary sch I love music that’s why music love me.my aim is to be like wizkid or even higher because wizkid Is the only musician I like and love his songs I was born in the year 1998 studied so hard and fight for my future, my mum always told me that one day I will be whom I wana be and that’s a musician.my hometown is IMO state but I base in abia state because there’s something I need to do there.            

He always like living in a place where he can hustle to make a little money he was once borrowing from his friends and he later know that what he was doing is casting himself 

He loves singing and song loves him 

He started hustling and making some little money which he used for buying cloths and making beats for him self.

He later released a song which is titled 


We later approach him and ask him the reason why he released that track 

And he said is because of some people that thinks that he can’t make it without them 

We ask Ranybliss why and look at what he said

Am Ranybliss am myself not you I live my life the way I want it I don’t live my life for people.

We don’t no what he meant by that but you guys no what he meat

Ranybliss later live all his friends because he said that the are his haters not all but some 

We later ask him Ranybliss who is your best friend

  1. My best friend is Samuel Osinachi (OSI )
  2. He is the only friend that I have that teach me right from wrong 
  3. Since the day I might him he has been advising me every 
  4. Most at time when I visit him he do put a leg for me 

  • How I wish we where closer enough 

Ranybliss became richer day after day because the more people hate him the more he rise he never chased a girl he focused on his future and stayed with it forever.

He was so kind and happy even when his friends beat him all insult him for more info about me follow this my account

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