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PM talks TPP with Ryan on Capitol Hill

​Jennifer RajcaAustralian Associated Press

Malcolm Turnbull has met with the US Speaker Paul Ryan at his office on Capitol Hill, discussing the need for a major 12-nation trade pact.
The prime minister and the most senior Republican in Congress spoke of the threat of protectionism during their sit-down on Thursday afternoon (local time).
They agreed the Trans-Pacific Partnership would be a benefit to the region.
Speaker Ryan also agreed with Mr Turnbull’s view that the deal was not just an economic issue, it was a statement of the US’s engagement with the region.

The Speaker last month queried the point of validating the TPP in what is regarded as a lame duck period for US political leaders between the November presidential and congressional elections and January’s inauguration.
“As long as we don’t have the votes, I see no point in bringing up an agreement only to defeat it,” he is reported to have said in an interview with Wisconsin Public Radio.
Mr Turnbull earlier in the week said President Barack Obama was optimistic the agreement could be approved during the lame duck period.
Earlier this week, ahead of a meeting with Mr Turnbull, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg said there was no more important legislation to the US than the TPP.

Syria toxic gas inquiry report delayed

​The UN Security Council has given an international inquiry five more weeks to complete its report on who is to blame for toxic gas attacks in Syria.
It comes as UN chief Ban Ki-moon, France, Britain and others push for those responsible to be punished.
The inquiry was due to submit its report this week, but Ban told the 15-member council in a letter, seen by Reuters on Thursday, that the inquiry needed extra time and wanted to delay its deadline until October 21. The council has extended its mandate until October 31.
In its most recent report to the Security Council last month, the joint United Nations and Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) inquiry said that Syrian government troops were responsible for two toxic gas attacks and Islamic State militants used sulphur mustard gas.

France, Britain and other council members want the body to act after receiving the next report, the inquiry’s fourth.
“There have been two incidents documented by the UN/OPCW of the dropping of chlorine gas. How can we sit by and let that happen? Burning, blistering, barbaric chlorine gas being dropped on innocent people,” British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson told a Security Council meeting on Syria on Wednesday.
As the inquiry works to complete its report, it has identified two Syrian Air Force helicopter squadrons and two other military units it holds responsible for chlorine gas attacks, a Western diplomat told Reuters.

Top 5 editing apps you must know 

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Posted on Jun 5, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on The Top 5 Android Video Editing Apps


Editing video on your Android phone can seem like the the Wild West. Vast prairies of options, and seemingly no law and order as to what works best – and what doesn’t work at all. iPhone users have iMovie as a good and stable starting point. Not so for Droid users. We decided it was time to figure out the best editing app for yourAndroid smartphone. My colleague Thaddeus Bouska has an Android smartphone; he surveyed Android video editing apps.

We tried out dozens of apps, and found many that claim to be video editing software, and just aren’t. Many are buggy, designed poorly, or are just clumsy to use. We waded through the morass and found some fun, easy-to-use, powerful apps that will allow you to create edited-in-the-camera videos, or be able to fine tune, making great cuts in no time.

We recommend shooting videos from inside your smartphone’s video mode. Each shot is a different video, just like a series of still photos. When you’re ready to link your shots to make your film, open the editing app and import the shots. We don’t recommend shooting videos from inside the editing app on Android, as the image quality degrades.


Our top picks are in order of preference

1. Viva Video Pro – $2.99 in the Play store.

While it doesn’t look like a fully featured editor – it is.


We start simple, with one of the easiest to use and most straightforward apps. It’s also the app we give our strongest recommendation to. “Viva Video” by Qu Video, Inc.


You start by trimming your videos, and then adding them to your project. After adding them one by one, you can change the order that you want them in, and then press done. The “editing” is as simple as that – but for most videos that’s all you’ll need.


The app gives you a choice to add some crazy transitions and effects, some fun and some tacky. You can also add text, titles, dub voiceover, add filters, and even amend your video with other clips. Then you can export the clip. The app renders automatically and quickly.


The app is fairly cheap at $2.99, but if you’re not sure try out the free version. The free version is almost full featured, but it has a limit on your video length – 5 minutes, and it watermarks your videos. Going “Pro” lets your videos be unlimited length, and removes the watermark. It’s one of the few apps whose full paid version is a one-time payment without any other hidden costs, which is a big plus.


2. KineMaster Pro – Free download, 4.99/monthly subscription for full features, in the Play store.

Kinemaster really gives you a lot of flexibility with fine-tuning your edits.



KineMaster is undoubtedly the most “professional” option for editing smartphone video. We’d give it our full recommendation, if it weren’t for it’s vague and costly price structure. The app claims to be free, but after you’ve edited your video and are ready to export it, the pricing scheme appears. Seems pretty sleazy. If you don’t mind their watermark covering your video, the export is free. Removing it costs $4.99/ month or $39.99/year.


Oh, and the app isn’t fully supported by all android devices. Make sure to check to see that yours is supported. Some devices (like my first generation HTC One) are partially supported – meaning they don’t work with full 1080p HD footage, only 720p.


Plus, there is no way of knowing if the app supports full-HD video on your phone until you download it and see that all your videos have a little exclamation mark in the middle of the screen.

These little white exclamation marks mean my 1080p videos aren’t supported on my phone.



The app will convert everything from 1080p to 720p for you, but the process takes time and it’s frustrating not to be able to use the “raw” camera video. Editing on your smartphone should be a very fast, easy process. I don’t want to set my phone dow


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